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  1. Responding To Some More Customer Comments For Our House Cleaning Service

    It’s that time again: time to let our customers tell us what they really think! Every so often we like to take a blog off and let our customers do the talking. After all, we can tell you about our house cleaning services blog after blog, but our customers are the ones who are on the receiving the professional cleaning. Let’s start with a simple one from Alexis. “We have used several house c…Read More

  2. Quick! Get Maid Service Performed Before Valentine’s Day Gets Here!

    Okay, so we’re coming up on Valentine’s Day. And whether you’re a man or woman, we’re pretty sure that you don’t want to be dealing with a dirty house when that special day comes around. Even if you’re leaving your home in order to go out to eat, wouldn’t it be nice to come back to a clean house after dinner and a movie? Trust us, seeing the mess of a dirty home can ruin the mood ve…Read More

  3. Cleaning Ladies and Housekeepers On TV

    A few months ago we wrote a cool blog about cleaning ladies and maid service providers who you’ll find in movies. Today we figured we’d take a look at some of the most famous maids on television. Alice Nelson, The Brady Bunch We’re just going to start this off with the most famous maid on television, Alice Nelson. If that name sounds weird to you, it’s probably because her last name confu…Read More

  4. Something Surely Happened New Year’s Eve That Require Cleaning Services!

    Happy New Year, and welcome to 2017! We hope you had a good 2016, but no matter how good or bad it was we hope that 2017 brings even better things. So, how was the party? For some of you it was a night you’ll never forget. For others, a night you might not remember! (Admittedly, for some of us it was a night to go to bed at 10:00 because we had to get ready for work the next morning.) But no ma…Read More

  5. Don’t Underestimate The Gift Of Home Cleaning This Holiday Season

    Many of you out there reading this blog already know the joys of home cleaning. Instead of having to deal with the dirty stuff, all you have to do is contact a cleaning company like Happy Maids and we’ll take care of your entire home. So when you have something great in your life like house cleaning services, you want others to experience it too. That’s why we offer gift certificates for maid…Read More

  6. Are You Ready For Your Maid Service During the December Holidays?

    Are you recovered from Thanksgiving yet? We sure hope so, because here come the December holidays! Those of you who are celebrating Christmas have just 20 days until the big day, and if you’re hosting you probably have even fewer days until your friends and relatives show up. Luckily, Happy Maids has the maid service that will make your house shine in December. We have many different types of s…Read More

  7. Call a Professional Cleaning Service in time for Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is coming, and we hope you’re getting excited. If you’re hosting, there’s so much for you to do. First there’s the shopping to find that perfect turkey, the right stuffing, the fluffiest rolls, and the cranberry sauce that makes that perfect “schlllllllorp!” sound when it slides out of the can. It’s a lot of work! Of course, you probably wouldn't keep doing it if you did…Read More

  8. Responses to More of Our Maid Service’s Customer Reviews

    One thing we like to do every so often is to respond to some of our customers reviews. After all, these customers have taken the time from their busy schedule to tell the world about us, so the least we can do is get back to them and let them know that we’re listening. Let’s take a look at a few reviews from our Chicagoland customers. We continue to be very happy with the service that Happy Ma…Read More

  9. Having a Halloween Party? You’re Going To Need a Cleaning Service!

      It’s almost time for the ghosts and ghouls, the time when tricks and treats will run rampant across Schaumburg, Algonquin, and Arlington Heights. Sure, you’ll be opening the door to the neighborhood children on October 31, but what if you’re having a Halloween Party on October 29, which is the Saturday before Halloween when most parties are happening this year? If you find yourself hosti…Read More

  10. Pros and Cons of Being a Family-Owned Cleaning Company

    We’re often asked if we are a franchise, and the answer is a proud “no.” We understand why people ask; after all, our name is similar to another company that is a franchise. But the fact is that we’ve actually been in business three years longer than that other company and plan to be around long after they’re gone! Being a family-owned business has its ups and downs. Let’s take a look…Read More

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You wont be disappointed!

I only used Happy Maids for a short period of time due to changes in employment etc (hope to continue in the future though!!)-however the times they did come to my place I would come home so…Read More

Diana – Barrington, IL

always very professional

I have used Happy Maids for years and have recommended them to many people. They are always very professional, trustworthy, prompt and do an excellent job. I love coming home from work when …Read More

Helen, Huntley, IL

unquestionably the best around

I've utilized the expert services of Happy Maids for several years, and you are unquestionably the best around! The cleaning crews are incredibly professional, trustworthy, and lovely, and I…Read More

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